Has anyone ever seen buttermilk in pint sizes? I' m making Amanda's delicious looking Summer Peach cake and it calls, like many cake recipes, for 1/2 cup buttermilk. So I will go to the local market and as usual but a quart of it, use 1/2 cup, and the rest will sit there until it goes bad. I guess this is more of a pet peeve than a question, but I've never seen buttermilk in anything other than quart sizes, have you?



[email protected] July 21, 2020
I don't have ice cube trays, so how about using a muffin tin? Each holds 1/4 cup of liquid, with room to spare.
boulangere September 5, 2011
Buttermilk, even the lowfat stuff, has a much higher fat content than milk. If I'm out, I use the milk-vinegar method, but also add some sour cream for the nice texture and flavor you get with buttermilk.
wssmom September 5, 2011
Didn't realize you were opposed to ice-cube trays, ATG117, sorry!
creamtea September 5, 2011
ATG117, when out of buttermilk I'll sub milk with lemon or white vinegar, but prefer buttermilk. Pancakes seem to have better taste and texture, and for dressing, the flavor is just better.
latoscana September 4, 2011
My local grocery, which is the dominant grocer in this area (central Texas), has buttermilk pints with snap on-and-off caps. I love the pints because I can't use a quart fast enough and the pint makes it easy to always have buttermilk available. Ask your grocer to carry this.
ATG117 September 4, 2011
I never realized you could freeze buttermilk. I too was always left throwing the rest of it out. I actually find the supply of buttermilk to be very limited in general. Sometimes they are out of it at my Whole Foods. Any suggestion as to how to freeze. I don't have ice cube trays and don't particularly care for them. Also, is there any benefit to using buttermilk as opposed to subbing with milk and lemon juice?
hardlikearmour September 4, 2011
Just got back from the grocery, and found buttermilk in pint and half-pint containers, from Alpenrose dairy (a local dairy in the Portland, OR area.)
creamtea September 4, 2011
I've never seen it in pints in my neighborhood, but I find it lasts quite a long time. You can use it for pancakes or dressing. Just don't mistake it for milk and pour it into your coffee :P
amysarah September 4, 2011
You know, this question comes up quite frequently...

And sure, you can freeze buttermilk, use powdered, make your own with a little vinegar/whole milk...and leftover buttermilk has inspired many a batch of biscuits, cornbread, pancakes, salad dressing, soup, etc. at my house - which is never a bad thing.

But still I wonder - why do dairy manufacturers respond to the demand for smaller quantities of e.g., heavy or sour cream, but not of buttermilk? Must be some dairy industry marketing logic to this that eludes me.

(At least it's not widely available in pint containers, while other dairy products are.)
drkate September 4, 2011
I like using dried buttermilk. Most chain groceries or natural food stores carry it. I don't have to worry about it going bad, and any time I want to put together a batch of biscuits or pancakes, it's right there in the cupboard--and don't worry! No flashbacks to dried milk nightmares from childhood if you grew up poor, as I did, and your mom tried to foist the dried stuff off on you. I can't tell the difference between fresh and dried in recipes.
wssmom September 4, 2011
If you decide to freeze the remaining buttermilk, you might think about using an ice-cube tray. After it's frozen, you can pop out the cubes, store them in a zip-lock bag with as much air as you can squeeze out, and they're already pre-measured. (My ice cube tray is about 2 tablespoons per cube).
AntoniaJames September 4, 2011
P.S. The dressing in this recipes is outstanding: http://www.food52.com/recipes/1687_boston_greens_with_tarragon_buttermilk_dressing_red_pears_and_toasted_hazelnuts
AntoniaJames September 4, 2011
Buttermilk holds in the fridge better than many dairy products. One of my favorite food52 recipes that uses a fair bit of buttermilk is Merrill's Saag Paneer. I make it often! Also, you can freeze buttermilk for up to three months, so why not freeze what's left in a few smaller containers? It will separate, so plan to use the thawed buttermilk in breads, muffins and other baked goods. ;o)
hardlikearmour September 4, 2011
I can only recall seeing it in quart sizes. I guess you could add some vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk to clabber it instead of using buttermilk. Otherwise figure out some other recipes that use buttermilk before it goes bad! http://www.food52.com/recipes/search?recipe_search=buttermilk
boulangere September 4, 2011
I've found it in half pints.
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