Correct Measurements-8 oz or1 cup

I am making broccoli soup and the recipe calls for 6cups. Does that mean I put the florets in a 1 cup measuring cup Or should I use 8 oz as the measure of 1 cup. Big difference! The florets in a cup measure weigh only about 4 oz. what do I do?



Gammy June 1, 2020
Recipe is probably calling for 6 cups by volume, not by weight. HOWEVER, as Nancy suggests, go with however much you want. There is a lot of flexibility in cooking recipes so you can go by taste.... baking is more about the chemistry of ingredients.
Emmie May 31, 2020
Not all ingredients weigh 8oz per cup due to different densities. (Picture a cup of meringue vs a cup of oil). In this case, I'd measure by volume since that's what the recipe specifies.
Nancy May 31, 2020
A few ways to approach this.
If all the recipe measures are by volume, measure by volume. If all by weight, by weight.
Or, by how much you like broccoli.
Or, start with less, taste and add more if you want.
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