Punch Recipe Ideas for a Book Launch?

I will be holding a book launch party for a book I am writing about herb, but I could use some ideas for what sort of a non-alcoholic punch to serve. What I am certain to serve is my famous scratch yellow cake with chocolate frosting and dark chocolate chip cookies with lavender. Aside from these, I could also use some ideas on what **else** to serve in addition to cakes and cookies.

Wade MacMorrighan


Nancy June 9, 2020
For an interesting cold punch that will contrast nicely with a (plain, unspiced) dessert like yellow cake, make lemongrass lemonade or lemongrass iced tea. Both are delicious and easy.

HalfPint June 9, 2020
This has been my favorite punch since childhood: https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/pineapple-orange-sherbert-punch/7640fd06-d495-47cf-a688-915cc7103a9c
Wendy June 9, 2020
I don’t have an exact recipe but whenever I make this “Love Punch“ it is the star of the show. I start with making a syrup from dried hibiscus flowers, after this is cooled and strained, I add rose water. There is the base. To that you add steeped and cooled herbal tea or soda water or lemonade or rose wine or Prosecco. Then depending what is in the garden, I add strawberries, rose petals, lemon verbena, lavender, mint, thyme...
Trust, there are endless possibilities!
I have one of those huge drink dispensers so I fill it with ice and add the drink base and it is gorgeous to look at as well as refreshing to drink.
Good luck with your launch!
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