Brownies: Over baked Sides and Bottom

When I do brownies, I get hard overdone sides and bottom; the middles are ok. Any suggestions? Would a water bath work?

Mone Anathan


Mone A. June 11, 2020
Thank you for your advice. Baking solo without a lot of support can be somewhat challenging at times...there are so few place to go for help. I'll redo the recipe and incorporate your suggestions. Be well...stay safe.
creamtea June 11, 2020
I find brownies are best a little "underbaked." A toothpick inserted in the middle should come out even slightly "wet" or at least with moist crumbs adhering; if it's coming out clean, the brownies are overbaked. Also, if you lower the heat, the brownies will bake more evenly. Start testing 5 - 8 minutes before the official amount of time is up.
What type of pan are you using? A metal pan works best, rather than a glass one which can overbake them. Also, you should line it with a parchment sling so that you can lift them out when they've cooled a bit.
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