Where can I get some mint chips?

I would like to make some cookies with mint chips in them, but I cannot find mint chips anywhere, either online or in stores. Any thoughts would be appreciated! BTW, I live in London, Ontario, Canada.

David D.


Miss_Karen June 20, 2020
I Googled 'mint chips near me'
A lot of sites came up... I might try:
Wide world of chocolate
Also, if you are really stuck you could stir in 1/4 tsp. of peppermint extract into 12 oz of chocolate chips (stir to coat) I know that doesn't sound like enough extract, but peppermint is powerful stuff.
David D. June 20, 2020
Thanks for these ideas, Miss Karen. I will try your suggestion of using peppermint extract. (Unfortunately, importing from the US into Canada is not practical.)
Nancy June 19, 2020
David - searching from Toronto, I find mint chocolate in some form at Walmart Canada & Amazon Canada. It may be in chip form or in bar form, in which case you can coarsely chop the bars to use bits in cookies. There are (plain not chocolate) mint chips at Nuts.com in the US and the ship to Canada but with either high shipping or high minimum cost. Last, in a pinch, you could use regular chocolate chips and some mint extract as a work-around.
Nancy June 19, 2020
PS maybe also at No Frills in London as other Ontario stores seem to have them in their supply chain.
David D. June 20, 2020
Thanks for these ideas, Nancy. I will have a look at No Frills, a store that I go to only rarely. And the mint extract may also do the trick.
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