can you cook the greens that look like collard greens from the fennel balls?

Julie Pace
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1 Comment

Lori T. June 21, 2020
Are you sure you have a fennel bulb? Fennel tops look rather more like dill fronds, all feathery- not like a collard green leaf at all. Is it possible that what you have is a kohlrabi bulb? That does have leaves very similar to collards. In both cases, you can and should use them. I generally shred fennel fronds to use as an herb, as well as to make a sort of pesto with. Kohlrabi leaves I shred and cook pretty much like you would a collard green- or really any leafy green, such as mustard or turnip. All are good in stir fries, so it's not all boil and boil. If they are young and tender, you can even juilliene them and eat them in a salad raw. I haven't- not a raw greens eater myself- but you can.
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