Inside Out Suhsi Roll Is Sticky

I make sushi but I haven't made it inside out until now. I really like it being inside out, for the look and texture. However, my rice is sticky of course to make the sushi, but now the outside is sticky. It sticks to whatever it sits on too. How do you fix this, like restaraunts do? Restaurant sushi is not sticky

Josh Holland


SillyBee June 27, 2020
You haven't mentioned if you put plastic wrap on top of the rolling mat. Most restaurants do this and wet it a bit first. Also try making the rice with slightly less water. Not enough to make it al dente but just a touch, like 1/4 cup or less.
Josh H. June 28, 2020
I did try plastic wrap, and I did wet my hands and try to wet the outside. Those were separate though. Wetting the outside made it not sticky just shortly, like a few minutes. I'll try the less water
HalfPint June 26, 2020
Roll the outside in some toasted sesame seeds.

I also see the sushi chefs lightly wetting their hands in water when handling rice. Adding a little salt to that water will also season the rice and add a little preservation to the roll.
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