What is the drained weight of chickpeas?

We don’t have 15oz cans in Canada... I’m trying to figure out the amount of drained chickpeas I’d need

  • Posted by: JV
  • June 27, 2020


SillyBee June 27, 2020
I used to work in food imports. The size of the can is an international standard so you should easily find a similar size in Canada. You just have to do a bit of conversion. A 15oz can is equal to a 425 gram can. The drained weight depends on the manufacturer. It will be listed on the can as Net Weight (Net. Wt.) Hope that helps.
Nancy June 28, 2020
Also, a common size of canned beans in Canada is 28 oz.
That's probably close enough to replace the two 15-oz cans.
Nancy June 28, 2020
Or 19 oz. So use 1.5 cans of those.
JV June 28, 2020
Thanks SillyBee, I’m very familiar with measurement conversions. But at least at my local stores we don’t have 425g cans...my cans are 540ml which translates to 18.2 fl oz, but since this includes the liquid volume, one can’t convert that directly to this recipe’s 15oz cans (since as you mentioned the amount of liquid varies by manufacturer, and this recipe uses drained chickpeas). If they had listed the drained weight of chickpeas needed for the recipe, it would’ve been much more useful for an international audience! (Unfortunately your knowledge of international standards is not quite accurate globally... at least in my city.)

If anyone knows the net weight (ie. drained weight) of an American 15oz can of chickpeas, that would be helpful. In the meantime I’ll keep digging!

Nancy that is helpful... I think I’ll just use a different recipe for now though.... using up a full jar of tahini on a recipe that might not pan out feels like an expensive experiment hahah
SillyBee June 30, 2020
Probably too late but I was at the store today and remembered to look at a can. One had a net weight of 15oz and the other was 15.5. Hope that helps.
JV July 1, 2020
@SillyBee thanks so much, that is SUPER helpful! I can easily weigh out the correct amount, now knowing that 15oz is the net weight. I really appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to making this recipe soon.
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