Overnight cold proof after shaping ?

Is it possible to proof overnight in the fridge after shaping? Also noticed a small typo in step 4 (dough should be touch).

  • Posted by: TeaVu
  • June 30, 2020


Spad July 1, 2020

I'm a bit confused, starter is mentioned twice in the ingredients. Do I use 24g the night before for the levain and 24 the day of to the dough?

Brinda A. July 1, 2020
Hi, sorry for this glitch! The full amount of starter you'll need is 24g. The recipe has been updated to reflect the correct amount. Thank you!
cesca July 1, 2020
Still no clear. I use 24g of starter to make the Levain, but then do I use another 24grams + the levain from night before? I think that is what the previous person was also asking.
Brinda A. June 30, 2020
Thanks for the heads-up on the typo! Fixed it. As for an overnight cold proof vs warm proof, I'd say you might want to try anywhere between 12 and 15 hours for the cold proof. It will get pretty tangy on the longer end of the spectrum, but will also need the extra time to puff up as much as in a warmer (especially summery-warm) environment.
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