making stock cubes, but I have made it too early

I am making gelled stock cubes, which to make I need to reduce the consomé and then add gelatin. I made the stock last Sunday and ice filtered it from Tuesday and will finish tomorrow and I am planning to use the stock cubes on Sunday, should I: it as a consomé in the fridge
2.freeze the consomé (it was frozen as a stock defrosted in the fridge in a muslin lined sieve for 2-3 day to make the consomé)
3.reduce the stock and store that in the fridge
4.reduce the stock and freeze it
5.make into stock cube and store in the fridge



Nancy July 3, 2020
I'm a little confused by your list of options, but think I understand you made consomme last Sunday and don't need it until next Sunday. You have stored it in the fridge in iterim and want to know is it safe, or how best to store until next Sunday.
The consomme (whether liquid or reduced to jellied cubes) is safe about 3-4 days refrigerated, and now (estimated 5th day) is unsafe in fact, or borderline unsafe.
If you can take the risk, boil again, freeze, then defrost, cook down to jellied cubes and use in Sunday's dish.
If you don't want or can't take a risk with people's health, discard this batch and make another...Friday for Sunday or Sunday for Sunday.
biscuitface92 July 3, 2020
thank you, in the end, I reduced it to a thick syrup and froze it, thanks for your help
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