What is Mild olive oil and what can I use instead?

Is mild olive oil the same as pure olive oil? I can’t find it anywhere! I do have vegetable oil and saw you could use all that.

Peach Tart
Recipe question for: Peach Tart


Happygoin July 8, 2020
There is also a product called Light Olive Oil. I usually recommend this to friends who don't like strongly flavored olive oil. It has the same fat profile of course, but has a very mild flavor.
Amanda H. July 6, 2020
SillyBee's response is correct -- hope this helps!
SillyBee July 6, 2020
There are some olive oils that are stronger tasting. For example, they have grassy undertones or a spicy aftertaste. Usually they're used for dipping bread or as a dressing or drizzle. It sounds like the author doesn't want you to use an olive oil where a particularly strong flavor will overpower the crust and peaches. Looks like you're good with either mild olive oil or vegetable oil.
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