Can I make this in one large batch with the streusel on the side? I want to drop it off for a friend

  • Posted by: cindy
  • July 12, 2020


Nancy July 14, 2020
Cindy -
I agree with Emma about packing the streusel separately for garnish just before serving.
Another idea for serving many people or sticking the fridge - multiply the recipe and bake in a cupcake tin in a water bath. That way cooking time will be similar to original (individual servings).
See recipe here for creme caramel in muffin tin...similar idea.
Nancy July 14, 2020
"Stocking the fridge"
cindy May 7, 2021
Thank you Nancy!
Emma L. July 13, 2020
Yes, that should work! That's so thoughtful :) Just a heads up that it might take longer to chill/set.
cindy July 13, 2020
Thanks, Emma!
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