Measurements in different systems

The measurements should be consistent. Not some in metric and others in what we use in US.

Laura S Cartagena Peraza
Yogurt Penne-Pasta Chicken
Recipe question for: Yogurt Penne-Pasta Chicken


Lori T. July 18, 2020
Yes, well- the recipe was offered up freely, after all. Perhaps the recipe author simply recorded the amounts listed on the packages of things he/she used to create the dish. Measures of things like salt, pepper and olive oil are not so critical that erring a bit should have much impact on the final product, either. As Gammy said, perhaps it's worth the time to bookmark a conversion site. It might make things easier for you.
Gammy July 18, 2020
In a perfect world, yes. My advice is to bookmark a good conversion website such as : or this one for baking from King Arthur flour: With smaller measurements, such as fractions of teaspoons, it is actually more accurate to use the tsp. device rather than weigh out.
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