Using frozen corn? Would that be possible?

I was wondering if this would be something that I could do using well thawed and dried (patted dry) corn kernals - like petite white corn from Trader Joe's or something similar. Thoughts?

Ann Stolzman
Sourdough Corn Fritters
Recipe question for: Sourdough Corn Fritters


Gammy July 22, 2020
Sure! Give it a go, your results may not be as "garden-fresh" as the recipe author imagined, but no one (other than you) will ever be the wiser. They sound amazing, by the way!!
Emma L. July 22, 2020
Hi Ann! Haven't tried this with frozen/thawed corn kernels, but don't see why that wouldn't work. If you give it a go, please report back!
Nancy July 22, 2020
Haven't made this exact recipe, but yes have used corn from freezer successfully in other dough preparations (cookies, fritters).
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