What do I do with leftover watermelon pulp?

I made some aqua fresca with watermelon. It was delicious. I now have 3 cups of pulp leftover from the juicing. Any suggestions for what to do with the post juicing pulp?



Butter &. July 23, 2020
What a great question!

We at Butter & Bacon like to keep as much of our fresh ingredients as possible when we cook... We too once asked "what to do with the leftover watermelon pulp" when we make a range of foods using this very ingredient.

Short and sweet: 1) Sweeten the pulp and add a quality distilled spirit to filtered water for future ice cubes. 2) Smoothies! 3) Gazpacho soup or curry (a specialty of ours). 4)How about an addition to cooked down grilling sauce...it adds texture and flavor. 5) We have also used the pulp as an addition to salads and dressings...again, adding texture, flavor, nutrition and interest to produce.

What we don't use we compost and don't forget that you can also quick pickle the rinds. What a MAGICAL fruit!

Hope it helps... Butter & Bacon
[email protected] July 23, 2020
Butter &. July 23, 2020
Happy cooking!

(watermelon cocktail below)
Nancy July 23, 2020
Like all your suggestions.
In practice, most like
1) flavored boozy ice cubes;
2) smoothies;
3) salad dressing especially for cucumber or squash salads.
Butter &. July 23, 2020
Good-Good...when we cook we think (hard) about what people once did when they grew/established much of their own food and could not afford to throw anything out that was edible...so we get very creative with pass-through ingredients. Cheers and happy cooking!
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