Need help: is there another name for this?

I went to paris last year and ate this. Since I can’t travel anytime soon, I’m trying to learn if there’s a way to recreate this. It looks like it’s made of croissant base rolled up but I’m not sure either. I tried googling the name but found nothing.

Is this also the same as pain au pistache? Or escargot? Hoping someone can shed some light as ive been searching for a month now ☹️

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Happygoin August 5, 2020
It looks to be similar to an escargot, also called a pain au raisin,. I wonder if it has pistachio flavored pastry cream rather than vanilla. Maybe you remember.

At any rate, it's croissant dough (a laminated, rich butter dough) rolled out, slathered with the pastry cream, rolled up and then cut into buns. Since it's shiny, I think it's had an egg wash and chopped pistachios look to be sprinkled on top then baked.
Nancy August 5, 2020
Never saw or heard of this, but it looks delicious.
When in doubt and other avenues have proved fruitless, ask the creator for a recipe.
You have one nane in your photo, and in my search for a recipe, I came across other Parisian bakeries that sell it.
Good luck!
molamola August 5, 2020
Sorry I just realize the pic wouldn’t load. The pastry I’m referring to is called “tournicoti pistache”
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