Can I make this with basic white sandwich bread?

I have a loaf of what we call in my house "squishy white bread" that I want to use up. Squishy white bread is pretty useless for french toast, as it doesn't have much body to hold the egg. Would this be the same? Would it work if I toasted the bread or let it get stale first?



Lori T. August 7, 2020
You will want to leave the bread out to get a little dry, overnight generally does the trick- or you can dry it in a low oven, provided you dry and don't toast it. It is supposed to be day old bread, or what used to pass for that. If it's too damp, your strata will end up dense. But yes- that good old sandwich loaf bread from the plastic wrapper is generally what is used. It's not the place for your artisanal loaves, or even the fancy Pepper farm bread.
Janis_ August 7, 2020
Plain white bread (squishy) works fine.
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