What chile is added after the potatoes?

Something is missing in the instructions. You are to saute the chiles until softened, then add onion, coriander, cumin, and potatoes--followed by the chile--what chile? Are you supposed to take the green chiles out of the pan and add them in later?

Jennifer Bown


Nancy September 14, 2020
You are a close reader/editor.
I checked this recipe at many other sites and all have the same redundancy.
From previous experience, I'm guessing the original directions might have been:
• saute Chile
• remove it from pan (so it wouldn't get burned or too well done)
• saute other aromatics
• add Chile back to pan.
Then writer/ editor removed 2nd step and left in 4th step, which no longer made sense.
Jennifer B. September 17, 2020
Thanks! I ended up leaving the chiles in, and it turned out fine. I debated removing them, as you suggest--but ultimately was too lazy :)
Nancy September 17, 2020
Jennifer, glad to hear it!
Now I'm moving it up my "cook next" list after your good results.
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