Wondering about the rice and rice preparation in this recipe. See questions for specifics.

1) Does it matter what kind of rice you use (arborio vs. Jasmine, etc.)
2) Do you need to rinse the rice before you soak It with the pineapple skins?

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  • September 15, 2020
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Arroz con Piña
Recipe question for: Arroz con Piña

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Lori T. September 18, 2020
Most commonly, horchata is made using long grain rice, and it doesn't get rinsed first. That said, I've made it using short grain and medium grain rice, and it's still pretty darn good stuff. I prefer to soak my rice for a few hours before cooking it though, which I think makes for a smoother and less chalky final product. The only thing I'd not use would be brown rice, or some of the more "exotic" types - red or black, for instance. I also think basmati or jasmine rice would not be good candidates either- because the subtleties of those would be lost in the mix.
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