Do not have mixer with dough hook

What if you don’t have an electric mixer with a dough hook? I only have a handheld mixer with two standard beaters, what then?

Cinnamon Rolls
Recipe question for: Cinnamon Rolls


bjgeraghty October 4, 2020
use your hands
tamifleur September 26, 2020
Thanks everyone! Do not have a food processor or a bread machine either... but I do have two hands so I will give it a try! (no offset spatula either..)
Nancy September 26, 2020
Same as Miss most bread recipes without a mixer.
Yes, it's a dense batter and hand kneading will do throughout.
But you may find a rubber or silicone spatula (scraper) helpful to incorporate the flour in the beginning. And a strong wooden spoon to incorporate the butter in the middle.
Miss_Karen September 26, 2020
You could use the 'dough' cycle with a bread machine. This kneads it just fine. At the end of the cycle take it out, roll it into the rectangle and proceed with the recipe from that point.
Miss_Karen September 26, 2020
Oh, I should mention I bake ALL the time. Nobody has complained about the end result thus far.
Miss_Karen September 26, 2020
Well, my son & I joke that I don't HAVE a stand mixer- I AM the stand mixer... because I am standing when I mix stuff. I use a spoon. (Gasp!)I know, how old fashioned. But it works. If something requires kneading I use my own two little hands. 🙂
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