non-keto baking with lily's chocolate chips?

My sweet and well-meaning husband bought several bags of Lily's keto chocolate chips for me, not realizing they were sweetened with stevia. I'm wondering how I should adjust to cooking and baking with them? The recipes online that use them are generally fully keto, whereas I'm fine with using sugar and other traditional ingredients. Just want to use these up and move on! :-) Thanks!



MNLisaB October 5, 2020
You should be able to use these as you would "full sugar" chips, but the final product may have a bitter aftertaste. FYI, they are very expensive!!
casey71480 October 7, 2020
thank you! sounds like it's worth a try. now i just have to break the news to my husband that his well-intentioned purchase was a little off, and ask him to stick with regular chocolate going forward.
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