Pie pan depth - what is a good depth to aim for??

All of your pictures of your pie pans look really deep. My ol’ 9 inch pie pan from 30 years is nowhere as deep as what I see in the photo. I’m worried everything won’t fit.... should I try to get a deeper pan.... By the way, that Blueberry Swamp Pie looks to die for!! I’ve never had anything like that. I need that pie!

Blueberry Swamp Pie
Recipe question for: Blueberry Swamp Pie


Nancy September 28, 2020
One day, not consciously looking, I found a lovely 10" pyrex pie plate about 2" deep. I like it much better - find it more forgiving and flexible than a standard 9"...for fillings, big crusts, expansion and contraction during baking.
You decide timing based on need or good prices available near you.
But if you bake sweet or savory pies, custards, quiches, galettes it is worth it.
Pamela_in_Tokyo September 28, 2020
Thank you very much for this tip. I am in Japan where sometimes it is hard to find the right thing, plus everything is in millimeters! ;-) I’ll look for a 10 in pan that is 2 inches deep. I think that would solve my problem.
Nancy September 28, 2020
We have those in Canada too:
28x6 cm
Or 280x56 mm.
Good luck finding what you need.
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