What size onion and what type of tomatoes, whole canned or crushed or diced. Or it doesn’t

Or it doesn’t really matter?



Lynne October 5, 2020
Based on the instructions this is a blended soup. Curious what the ingredients are in the picture if this is a blended soup? Did you blend part of the soup?
EmilyC October 5, 2020
Hi Lynne -- yes, it's a blended soup! A little more than half a standard-sized can of white beans are blended into the soup, and then the remaining beans are crisped up in olive oil, dusted with smoked paprika, and used as a garnish (along with snipped chives). That's what you see in the pic!
Lynne October 5, 2020
Sounds tasty, making this today. Love smoked paprika!
EmilyC October 4, 2020
Hi tastysweet -- 1 medium onion is what you're looking for, and I'd recommend whole tomatoes. I updated the recipe to include these details. Hope you enjoy it!
tastysweet October 4, 2020
Much thanks EmilyC
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