Can a different acidic liquid be substituted for sherry vinegar?

Can sherry vinegar be substituted with other vinegar or anything else acidic like lemon or lime juice? I have a few different kinds of balsamic vinegar as well as red vinegar and white vinegar.



CoffeeAndBaconYum March 14, 2023
Thanks for the suggestions!
EmilyC January 23, 2023
Hi there! I’ve used red wine vinegar before and it works well! Hope you enjoy the soup.
Lori T. January 23, 2023
I would go for rice wine vinegar if you have it. Otherwise, I would opt for apple cider or white wine vinegar. If by chance you happen to have sherry around, you can also acidify that with a bit of one those options- which will get you a little more of the sherry nuance which will be lacking in the other straight substitutes.
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