Substitute for the Beans. This soup is amazing and my whole family loves it. However, this week I want to make it for someone who can’t eat beans.



Happygoin December 18, 2020
Not sure, if they can't eat beans, perhaps they can't eat lentils either. I was thinking of a green lentil, such as Le Puy, which will hold its shape after cooking.
GourmetGin December 18, 2020
Not sure about lentils but sounds great and something I want to try for myself. Thanks!
Nancy December 18, 2020
GourmetGin -
I defer to EmilyC as author for tips on replacements for body/texture.
If you want to replace the protein value of the beans and do eat meat, add about 7 oz of cooked meat of your choice. Or, if you don't eat meat, some tofu or tempeh which gives about 35g protein (see package for info and amount).
Nancy December 18, 2020
Although, on second thought, ifvthe family member can't eat beans, does that include processed or fermented soy products?
GourmetGin December 18, 2020
Not sure in the soy products. I need to check, but I might just use bread as Emily suggested to get the texture right. It will miss the protein but I can make for it up another way in the meal.
EmilyC December 18, 2020
Hi there! So glad that you and your family like this soup!! Re: making it without beans, you could substitute a few pieces of white bread to lend body and thickness, per J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s 15-creamy (vegan) tomato soup on this site, or add a bit of cream at the end. Hope this helps!
GourmetGin December 18, 2020
Thank you!
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