Make-Ahead Pot Roast Questions

Need some clarification on the cooling/reheating of oven-braised pot roast...



CrayolaDreams October 5, 2020
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Here's the question....

Making pot roast right now for dinner tonight, but have a couple questions that I’m just not altogether clear on...
I used a Dutch oven and it’s in a 275-degree oven currently. Once it’s done, I was planning to put it in the fridge until I reheat it about an hour before dinner time.
Should I...
Remove the meat from the liquid and strain it before putting it in the fridge or leave the vegetables and strain after reheating?
Cool the meat and liquid separately or together?
Slice the meat before or after reheating?
Just take it out when it’s done, let it all cool for 30 minutes on the counter before taking the whole Dutch oven (meat and unstrained liquid) and stick it in the fridge until ready to reheat?
Happygoin October 5, 2020
Only because it's for dinner tonight, I'd separate the meat from the liquid. Strain the liquid. Slice the meat when you take it out of the liquid, or after it cools, doesn't matter. Either way, let both cool separately.

Re-heat the (cut) meat in the liquid gently in a large sauté pan or other large, shallow pan.
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