Is my pork ok to eat? Some discoloration questions

I bought boneless pork chops that I believe was packed the same day, or relatively close.

It looked absolutely fine, but when I went to put it in ziploc bags I noticed some discoloration in the portions of the pork that were overlapped by another piece. It looked like a dull grey/yellow.

However, the parts that were not overlapped, looked absolutely fine. Do you think it's safe to eat? Thank you!

Katherine Elizabeth
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1 Comment

Lori T. October 14, 2020
What you have there is an example of the variation in oxidation, which would be slower in the portions where the meat overlapped. Meat turns pinkish when exposed to oxygen, and less so where it isn't. It can be a bit more involved, due to enzymes, etc- but as long as there isn't any slime or smelly factor involved, your meat is probably just fine to eat. Color isn't always a good indicator of meat malfunctions- while smell and slime are.
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