Trying to make or buy a tasty sauce for Brussel sprouts



Nancy October 17, 2020
Davud Chang recipe - Momofuku Brussels sprouts with fish sauce dressing. Delicious.
Stephanie G. October 17, 2020
I like to melt butter and Dijon mustard together with a little salt and toss brussels in that.
Lori T. October 17, 2020
A Brussel sprout is at heart just a tiny cabbage, after all- so anything that accents cabbage will work. Do you want something on the sweet, sour, savory, or what side? Do you want this as a salad, or a side dish? Cabbage loves pork, so a sweet/sour bacon enhanced sauce or dressing would be good. My kids will eat anything, including Brussel Sprouts, if you coat them in a cheese sauce. You can slice them thin to eat raw in salads- in which case just about any salad dressing works. You can saute thin sliced sprouts quickly, and add in butter and garlic, and a squeeze of lemon. Mostly, just don't overcook the sprouts, and for heaven's sake don't boil them to death- because those are keys to a bitter, smelly sprout that gives a lot of us flashbacks to ugly elementary school lunches and dinner time battles. Just decide what you have a taste for, and have a peruse of the numerous recipes here or elsewhere on the internet.
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