What are the advantages or disadvantages to using silver-lined copper cookware as opposed to tin-line?

I've seen quite a lot of tin-lined, but very few silver lined copper cookware. However I've heard silver ones are better with conductivity and have a higher melting point so you don't have to be as cautious with them as you would with tin. Is this true? If so, what other upsides are there to using silver as opposed to tin? Like, if tin-lined can last ~10-15 years, does silver-lined last longer?

And aside from the obviously higher cost of the pieces, are there any downsides to them? (I assume you can't really reline them if you scratch them)

  • Posted by: Shmiles
  • October 23, 2020


Lori T. October 23, 2020
I do not belong to the rare strata of cooks who can afford a silver lined copper pan - so I can't speak about that. I do however, own copper pans lined with tin, and with stainless steel, a few treasured possessions in my kitchen treasure trove. One major drawback to tin is that it has a relatively low meltpoint, around 450F. So you do NOT preheat one, nor use it to saute anything, and you take care to regulate the heat at points in between. Despite care, eventually the tin lining does wear thin, too - though I am told it should take many years to happen, I had ONE pan re-tinned, because it belonged to a cherished grandmother, passed down to her. The cost of that was just ugly, and had it not been an heirloom, needless to say I would not have done it. The copper/stainless steel pan is much less worrisome - since stainless steel is, well, steel. Of course, it's not a non-stick surface. But it is durable, and eminently more in my price range than silver. It is supposed to be the most durable of lining choices, even heating, and of course beautiful. Still, at the price such a pan commands, I'd probably be afraid to actually cook with it, just in case. I imagine the price is the main reason you don't see many silver lined copper pans, though. Re-tinning is costly, but only needed about once in your life- or that of your pan, if you take reasonable care. Stainless steel works well, and looks good, and costs significantly less.
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