Other fungi for the mushroom mousse?

I have access to maitake, chanterelles, lion’s mane, and a few other wild/cultivated mushrooms. Would a mix of these work in place of the Bella’s?

  • Posted by: arcane54
  • November 17, 2020
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Mushroom Mousse
Recipe question for: Mushroom Mousse

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Lori T. November 17, 2020
You could, of course. But the individual varieties have so much individual character, I almost think it would be a shame to blend them into a mix where it could be lost. If I had access to such a wonderful variety, I think I'd prefer doing a nice sauté of them with garlic and parsley. But a mix of the Bellas and the maitake would be good in the mousse, if you wanted to do that.
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