Do you need to put the butter on *before* removing the tin foil?

In the video you say you can store the tin foil on top and reuse it, but isn't there butter all over it? Can you wait to put the butter on until you remove the tin foil, or is the butter helping somehow to keep the moisture in the sweet potatoes? You say the butter needs to start caramelizing, but can that happen in the last 20 minutes?

Also, you mention that some people have roasting pans with lids? Any links to such a pan? I've never seen one.

  • Posted by: newt
  • November 19, 2020


Kristen M. November 20, 2020
Hi there -- great eye. It's true that the foil gets buttery if you use a sheet pan like I did, but you can still hand-wash, let dry, and reuse. Nik actually calls more generally for a roasting pan, so a higher-sided roasting pan might keep the foil from dipping into the butter. Or, as dgarey noted, other commenters have suggested some smart pan and heat-safe bowl cover ideas, too. I wouldn't wait to add the butter because I think it mingles with the sweet potato in such a delicious way as is..
dgarey November 19, 2020
I have the same question, but then saw a comment that an inverted sheet pan works just as well as a cover. definitely trying that next. I really appreiciated the presenter's comments about recycling aluminum foil and was glad to see the listed shop product today for reusable silicone. I only looked at the product because you all mentioned the environmental friendly aspect of the bags. I'm really working hard on decreasing plastic in our food at home, and would be receptive to any of the items or cooking tips you flag as "plastic-free.
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