Pie Storage: Does the pie need refrigeration? Can you bake it the day before?



Lori T. November 20, 2020
You can bake the pie a day ahead of time, and it's actually nicer if you do. It gives all the spices a chance to mingle with everything else. It does need to be kept cold, too. Though this custard doesn't contain eggs, it still is made with diary products- specifically the milk and cream. So to be safe, it needs to store in the fridge. However, you will want to take it out an hour or so before eating, so it has a chance to warm to low room temperature before you eat it. Still, as soon as you are done- get that back into the fridge. Mind you, some folks don't mind cold pumpkin pie. My family happily eats it right out of the fridge- sometimes standing in front of the appliance to do it!
[email protected] November 20, 2020
Thank you for the response, Lori. Wondered if I could get away with not refrigerating with the absence of eggs but of course you are correct to observe this is still a custard pie. But baking it the day before is good to know, there is already a lot to do on Thanksgiving Day!
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