Twelve Months of Monastery Soups

I just got a copy of this book in a used bookstore, and they all look so good. Does anyone have a favorite recipe from this book I should start with?

Audrey Waller


Brinda A. November 24, 2020
Hi Audrey! I haven't cooked from this book before so hoping other community members who have can chime in with great recommendations, but I took a spin through the winter month chapters of the book and think the following recipes look really great:

Portuguese Kale Soup
Broccoli Rabe and Bean Soup

I've also tried other versions of Zuppa Pavese and Zuppa Toscana, both of which are excellent.

Hope this helps, and happy soup-ing!

Audrey W. November 25, 2020
I do already have all the ingredients for Zuppa Pavese already! Thanks!
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