Changing flavours from the basic recipe.

Hello, firstly thanks for the recipe as it turned out really well!

I’m wanting to try different flavour combinations and I just wondered if you had any tips for doing this please?

For example, it’s mentioned about the dark chocolate blackberry so was that literally a case of adding blackberries to the existing filling and mixing in dark chocolate with the base? Can you just add any fruit flavourings to the existing mixture or would you say there needs to be substitutions?


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Cashew Cheesecake
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Nancy November 29, 2020
I think the key line and lemon lavender versions could be made by replacing ingredients in the original (lemon juice, vanilla).
The others (chocolate, caramel, cookies and cream) maybe better as toppings or sauces.
Floury B. November 29, 2020
Thank you. I suppose the good thing about baking is experimentation, so I can try things out and see what works.
Nancy November 29, 2020
Floury -
Um, cooking can be more experimental and nearly always have good results.
Baking is more like chemistry, in which the balance of key interactive agents should be maintained to get the desired results.
For example, changing the type and amount of flour can sometimes work and sometimes throw off the whole recipe.
So experiment in baking as you like, but some results may not be to taste...
Floury B. December 4, 2020
Yes that is very true with baking, that’s why I was conscious about say adding certain ingredients if it would affect the consistency/setting quality with more liquid being added, for example. I’ll give basic flavour changes a go and try toppings, I suppose if I want colour I can just use a food colouring gel or something.
Nancy December 4, 2020
Floury -
Good to hear from you again and your knowledge already didn't need my middle comment.
Yes, for color gel is often better quality than liquid, but sometimes harder to find.
Usually colors are used in such small quantities that they don't affect the chemistry of the baking (or of the frosting, if used in something like that),
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