Demerara sugar topping on zucchini bread

I keep my zucchini bread loaf (Alison Roman’s recipe from NYT Cooking) out on the counter- loosely covered with cling film and under a cake dome. I love the bread’s interior texture but the crackly sugar topping turns to liquid over time. I know this isn’t melting but a phase change. Any chemical engineers out there know a way to keep the sugared top crackly? Thanks!!

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1 Comment

Nancy December 7, 2020
As sugar draws moisture from the air, and the cling film/cake dome allow that process, here's a possible solution.
Don't bake the crackly sugar on top of the cake.
Rather put it in a small air-tight jar, and keep the jar on the counter with the cake.
Then garnish each piece of cake with crackly sugar when you serve it.
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