Which German Glazed Spice Cookie?

I recall seeing a chocolate covered lebkuchen in a dated Betty Crocker cookie cookbook when I was a kid, and Ive wanted to try making them ever since. They were thick and puffy with smooth tops, so I dont think there were any additions like chopped nuts or citron. And they were cut with cookie cutters. Im overwhelmed by the variety of recipes online- I think what Im looking for is actually Elisenlebkuchen (which I did find here) but the methods and ingredients vary so much I wouldnt know what sort of outcome each variation would produce (flourless vs half flour, aging vs no aging, cooking the dough stovetop?? etc). Im hoping for something soft and chewy with good spice flavor and enrobed in chocolate or crackly white glaze. Any input or experience is appreciated!

Jennifer W


Stephanie B. December 10, 2020
If you want a soft gingerbread cookie more than a chewy, nutty, flourless cookie I like Tartine's soft glazed gingerbread. But it is a full on, flour cookie so it's not comparable to the elisenlebkuchen you mentioned. Good luck!
Miss_Karen December 9, 2020
You could also try this:
Lebkuchen | King Arthur Baking - King Arthur Flour
www.kingarthurbaking.com › recipes › lebkuchen-recipe
Nancy December 9, 2020
How about going to the source?
Ask at Deutsche Welle (German national broadcaster, which has an english service and English fb page).
Or at German women's magazines (see Wikipedia for a list).
Jennifer W. December 9, 2020
I'll check them out, thanks Nancy!
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