Curry sans Coconut Milk and also GF?

I love curries of all sorts but my hubs hates coconut. What can I sub that will give me the same creaminess/coolness that coconut milk brings but without the taste he can't stand?
As a fun additional obstacle, we are gluten-free.

  • Posted by: LB
  • December 9, 2020


Jennifer W. December 9, 2020
This is the Tikka Masala recipe Ive used for years and I dont change a thing! Not dairy free but no coconut or Gluten in sight!:)
Nancy December 9, 2020
LB - Agree the recipe Jennifer W recommended is a good one.
Some further general notes to help your search:
• commercial curry powder often has flour added to prevent caking, so avoid it and use individual spices or a homemade blend;
• the curry dishes which feature coconut originate around Indonesia and/or Malaysia, so look for recipes from other areas, e.g. Asia subcontinent and (surprisingly) Japan;
• Madhur Jaffrey has many fine recipes out there, starting with India and later other parts of Asia. Look through some of hers (in many books, online) that meet your ingredient lists to find one or more you like.
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