Looking for way to use a jar of gingerbread butter

I love monkey bread and want to make it for the holidays. I got a jar of stonewall kitchen gingerbread butter as a gift (never had before) and wonder if I can use that in this recipe as an alternative to the spice mixture listed? Thanks!

  • Posted by: JPardee
  • December 16, 2020
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Monkey (Ginger)Bread
Recipe question for: Monkey (Ginger)Bread

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Nancy December 17, 2020
As the Stonewall Kitchen product has three kinds of sugar, including molasses, I would use it in this Monkey Gingerbread instead of the molasses and the powdered ginger.
As it has 3 kinds of ginger, that might be enough spicing.
Depending on whether you want it all-ginger or more a mixed spice taste, omit or use the other spices listed.
BTW, I've made ginger bread with 3 types (fresh, powdered, crystalized), and it's fantastic.
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