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Is there any substitute to molasses?

  • Posted by: Sarile
  • December 22, 2011
Monkey (Ginger)Bread
Recipe question for: Monkey (Ginger)Bread


AntoniaJames December 22, 2011
Here's a useful site: http://www.foodsubs.com/Syrups.html . Read the entry for molasses all the way to the end. You can use brown sugar, following the suggested ratio. ;o)
Louisa December 22, 2011
Sorghum is much milder than molasses, and I always use it in place of molasses. But if you don't have sorghum, I agree with the dark corn syrup, or what about honey?
The S. December 22, 2011
Dark corn syrup would work, although the flavor will be much less pronounced.
Sadassa_Ulna December 22, 2011
I am not sure what the recipe's author would suggest, but I would replace the 1/4 cup molasses with 3 Tablespoons dark brown sugar (packed) and 1-2 tsp. water and 1 tsp lemon juice or neutral flavor vinegar (because molasses is more acidic than sugar).
I would mix those together in a small cup, adding the water last. I would try to get a very thick consistency and not too runny. Please know I haven't done this before specifically but my suggestion is based on general food substitution recommendations.
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