What’s the name of this spatula?

My sister’s fiancé’s family owns this silicone spatula with a bent end and we’re trying to figure out what it’s called. I’ve seen it in a Japanese cooking video as well but still no name... Any ideas? Thank you!

Cait Lovelace
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Gammy December 30, 2020
Judging from the edge, this spatula looks well used. I wonder if the curve is because the rubber is starting to fail or was overheated and has taken this shape from years of use. I have a spatula I really like... OXO calls it their small Flip + Fold Omelet Turner: https://www.oxo.com/small-flip-fold-omelet-turner-586.html
Nancy December 30, 2020
Never saw the like.
But if you like the idea of a bending spatula, there are many flexible (if not bent) ones now being made (narrow for use in jars; wider for regular use).
Have a look at on-line merchants
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