Xtra creamy white beans from scratch

Any way I can be lazy and do the same with canned beans?

  • Posted by: Marsha
  • December 31, 2020
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames August 10, 2021
You could try making them with canned beans, but they won't taste as good. That's because the beans get their defining flavor from the garlic and sage with which they are cooked.
Canned beans also tend to be mushy, so if you cook them long enough to infuse the broth and to the extent you can, the beans, with flavor, the beans will be even mushier.

You could heat the garlic and sage (I'd chop some of the sage finely for this) in olive oil for a little while and then add the beans. You'll end up with beans that taste better than they would without the flavoring, but they won't be as good as if you made this recipe with dried beans. ;o)
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