Callebaut 54.5% callets - recipe ideas please?

I am a cook but have never had a taste for baking. I am working on baking in 2021 but I do not eat sugar or carbohydrates so I need really good recipes that I can execute without tasting.

I just go ta 5 1/2 lb bag of Callebaut chocolate and would like some baking recipes please!



HalfPint January 6, 2021
5 1/2 lbs, wow! I am totally jealous. There are so many good recipes.

Here is my favorite brownie recipe:

I love these thick chocolate chip cookies:
I make the dough, portion out, and freeze. Bake one at a time since each portion is so big. The baking instructions are a bit fussy, so don't get too bogged down with the precision. As long as you don't burn it, the cookie will taste incredible every time. Also, you can use all dark chocolate chips and still get a great cookie.
Nancy January 6, 2021
Since callets are recommended for/known especially for melting, one option may be Nanaimo Bars. It should be easy to judge the various stages of the recipe by sight, touch (stirring). Classic recipe with about 6,000 ratings.
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