I would like to use this flank steak technique for an upcoming family gathering for 16 people. However, some people in my family despise blue...

...cheese, so I need to substitute the cheese. I'm thinking gryere.

Also, regarding the flank steak itself... Do I need to pound it out to an even thickness to ensure proper cooking? Do I have my butcher pound it and butterfly the flank steak?

In regards to the filling, a family member is making creamed spinach, so I'm thinking of filling it with roasted red peppers, carrot planks, and sliced mushrooms? Any suggestoins or feedback?

I plan on assembling the pinweels and refridgerating them until the next day. Should I marinate since I have time or not needed?

I'm definetly making the horseradish sauce.

Any and all help with feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated



CaryNC April 13, 2011
Jarlsberg swiss cheese is mild and melts well. I think it would go great!
lighterandlocal April 13, 2011
Hi there!

You actually caught something I forgot when submitting the recipe, thank you! Yes, you should pound it to a thickness where you can easily roll it up at the end. I didn't go crazy, just enough so it wasn't too thick. You can pound the flank at home by simply putting it between two sheets of plastic wrap and using a meat pounder or an actual hammer to get it to the right thickness.

The great part of this recipe is that you can fill it however you'd like! I had a couple of family members who didn't like blue cheese and I subbed in extra sharp cheddar, which turned out great. I think the roasted red peppers, carrots and mushrooms would be great. Just watch the carrots, they may be still be quite crunchy because you don't cook this recipe for all that long.

If you'd like to marinate them since you have time, you could do it in some kind of olive oil/balsamic vinegar mix, but it's really so flavorful on its own, you probably don't need it.

I hope this helps!
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