Crock pot cooking with Jack Daniels.

Have chicken breast potatoes onion and apples.

Terry Hightshoe


Lori T. January 18, 2021
Recipes that call for alcohol don't tend to do well in a slow cooker, because evaporation doesn't happen to any significant extent. That means you are likely to end up with a raw alcohol flavor taking over when the cooking time has finished. If you have encountered this problem, then there is really only one possible solution. You need to cook down the liquid sauce portion, separately from the meat and veg, on the stovetop- so you can evaporate that alcohol. Once you have managed to lose the raw alcohol flavor, then you can add the two back together. Whether you have gone overboard or not is your call, really. Cooking whisky and chicken together isn't anything new, and there are recipes on the internet that do just that. However, if you added in more than a few tablespoons of it, then I could see how it would take over the dish entirely. But I guess there are worse things in life than ending your days crocked in Jack Daniels.
Terry H. January 17, 2021
Wondering if I went overboard
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