Can i substitute the fresh cherries with a cherry puree?

Its for a class project...thank you :)

Ayushi Phillips
Black Cherry and Cinnamon Sorbet
Recipe question for: Black Cherry and Cinnamon Sorbet


SillyBee February 2, 2021
The problem with fresh fruit and frozen desserts is that the high water content in the fruit can potentially make the fruit icy and hard to bite into. I would recommend cooking the fresh, pitted cherries first in a saucepan with a couple big spoonfuls of sugar until thick and syrupy. The boiling will evaporate more of the water and the sugar will add flavor (things taste more bland when eaten frozen). Good luck on your project
SillyBee February 2, 2021
Sorry, I just realized your recipe is for a sorbet and not an ice cream. You do have to puree or blend the cooked cherries to get the texture you're looking for. If you don't, the end result will be chunky frozen cherries and not something smooth and scoopable.
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