In search of the best silicone scraper …

Help! I'm looking for a silicone scraper to replace mine, which is getting worn out. I ordered a new one but it's not as thin/flexible and doesn't scrape every last bit out of pots like my old one does. I've had it for years and don't remember where I bought it. Any recommendations for something similar?

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Nancy February 5, 2021
Linzarella - In addition to Gammy's recommendation, I have a few more...just went through this myself to replace one I'd accidentally left in the blender while making hummus (I know!). I didn't go with every recommendation, but saw lots of different sizes, qualities and manufacturing (wood handle, one piece, stainless steel insert). In the end I got a set of various-width scrapers for home and another set of spatulas and tools as part of a wedding gift. Have a look.
Gammy February 4, 2021
I LOVE my OXO Omelet Turner. It is very flexible and scrapes out bowls and pots with ease. Although it is advertised for omelets and works well making them, I use it on almost a daily basis for all sorts of mixing and scraping (short of heavy cookie doughs). This is the large size, it also comes in a small. You won't regret ordering one!
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