Can I make Waffles make ahead?

Any way to make ahead without getting too stale ? I’d love ideas to making them and keeping warm but not drying out...

  • Posted by: Hilary
  • February 7, 2021
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1 Comment

Nancy February 8, 2021
Waffles, like pancakes, do taste best when freshly made - some chemistry which I've forgotten.
Nonetheless, if you want to make a big batch to serve for a meal, the cooked ones may be kept one day in the fridge, or a month or two frozen.
Reheat covered - short time directly from fridge in microwave or oven, longer (according to appliance) directly from freezer.
Best way to serve them reheated is with a meat, sauce or topping that will add flavor and compensate for the slight flatness of flavor they have. Suggestions: chicken and gravy for a lunch or dinner, berries and cream for brunch or dessert.
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