Planning to make Kabobs. We wound up with cubed beef instead of beef cubes. Any suggestions? Maybe make the meatball like?

We have on steak in the fridge that I could cut up into cubes if need be.
I'm not sure whether to try to make do with the cubed beef or to use the steak instead.

  • Posted by: mishale
  • April 13, 2011


bugbitten April 14, 2011
If the steak is sliced thin, you could try making satays, asian skewers. You'll need a few asian ingredients for a marinade, but otherwise it is very simple and delicious. Best of luck!
mishale April 14, 2011
I definitely wasn't that clear with my question :) Sorry about that.

The recipe said "beef,cubed" and what we wound up with was the kind of beef you'd use for chicken fried steak.

What I've decided to do is to use the other piece of steak we have in place of the beef cubes in the kabob recipe. And then I think maybe I'll make swiss steak with the other meat, or maybe cook it up to put in with some spaghetti sauce.

Thanks for your help!
bugbitten April 13, 2011
Cubed beef and beef cubes sound like exactly the same thing to me. Probably it's Round steak, which will end up being either tough or very chewy. Next time try lamb shoulder or cut up a chuck steak for kabobs. If Kmucci is right in guessing that it's chopped meat, add an egg and some bread crumbs, and skewer Moroccan style, with paprika.
Sam1148 April 13, 2011
Are you talking beef cubed steak. Like you'd use for country fried steak (chicken fried steak). Or just cubes of beef too small to use in kabobs?

For cubes of beef. Use a food processor to turn them into a hamburger. Use three batches of grinds, one fine, and another medium, and one very rough.
From there you can go with either hamburgers, or Salisbury steak. Or a "Florentine" steak. (More of a take of chicken Florentine really).
Basically, a bechamel sauce with the addition of cheese (Mornay sauce)..and finish with adding cooked drained chopped spinach to the sauce. Flour the patties to give a nice crust.

Kristy M. April 13, 2011
Do you mean you ended up with ground beef? In that case, cut up the steak in your fridge for your kabobs and use the ground beef for something else. Meatballs are a great idea!
CazHill April 13, 2011
You can cut the cubed beef into one inch wide strips, slice up some onion very thin and layer it on the beef strips. Then roll them jelly roll fashion before you skewer them.
You can get creative with the layering, and cater it to your liking. Things I might try would be swiss chard, sweet or hot peppers, cheese(?) thinly sliced asparagus spears.

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