Anyone have any good waffle recipes? I'm wanting to try something new :)


sarah K. April 14, 2011
Oh, I just remembered my favorite waffles I've ever had! They were made with 1/2 buckwheat flour and 1/2 whole wheat, and vegan, though that can easily be changed.

1C almond milk (or regular, or whatever)
1C water
2t apple cider vinegar
3/4C buckwheat flour
3/4C whole wheat flour (or all-purpose...)
1t baking powder
1/2t salt
1T brown sugar
2T maple syrup
1/4C oil (seriously, the best is coconut oil, but any oil or melted butter would do)
1/4C pecans, chopped

After you mix the wet ingredients with the dry, let the mix rest for about 10 minutes.

If you put more chopped pecans and some sliced bananas on top, along with good maple syrup, you'll be in breakfast heaven.
Stephanie G. April 14, 2011
King Athur's yeasted waffles...King Arthur website under waffles.
RebeccaCooks April 14, 2011
Waffle pizzas! Make little packets of pizza dough filled with sauce, cheese, and toppings (make sure the toppings are chopped pretty small) and cook in the waffle iron.
CazHill April 14, 2011
Add some pureed pumpkin, a little nutmeg and some cinnamon, or grated apple and cinnamon to your batter mix.
sarah K. April 14, 2011
How do you feel about whole wheat?
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