What kind of dried chilies should I use?

I have a couple of different dried chilies in my cupboard and am unsure what heat level we are aiming for here. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Michelle
  • February 22, 2021
Vegan Khao Soi
Recipe question for: Vegan Khao Soi


Lori T. February 22, 2021
I imagine that since this is a Thai dish, you would ideally use a dried bird's eye chili. That would put the heat level up there, in terms of the potential burn. However, you could certainly adjust it by choosing an even hotter or less scorching member of the chili group.
Nancy February 22, 2021
Michelle - I agree, there is no indication of heat level wanted for chilies here. Since you are aware of heat levels, use one that you like.
Or, if some in your pantry are noticeably older than others, use the older ones first.
For reference, if you need it, here are charts of Scoville scale (hotness of chilies)
Nancy February 22, 2021
Sorry, split the google link in my first answer. Here's a link to a single Scoville chart (not the collection in the first link)
Michelle February 22, 2021
Thank you, Nancy and Lori. I appreciate your two cents!
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